Candy Crush Games and Online Poker Games are two different types of games, both in terms of process, objectives, or other factors. Here are some specific differences between the two:

Topics and Appearances:

Candy Crush: This game has a candy related topic and colorful appearance. The graphics are designed to attract attention with various animations of candy popping and other visual effects.

Online Poker: This game follows the original poker card game. The appearance is generally simpler and focuses on cards and the poker table.

Game Process:

Candy Crush: The aim of this game is to combine candies of the same color to achieve a certain score in a specified number of ways.

Online Poker: This is a game of strategy and luck where players try to get the best card combination or convince other players to surrender.


Candy Crush: The tactics in this game focus more on identifying the best candy combinations to achieve the highest score.

Online Poker: An important tactic in poker, involving knowledge of chance, player psychology, and the ability to read the situation.

Social Factors:

Candy Crush: Although players can connect with their friends through various social features, this game is essentially a solo game.

Online Poker: Poker is a social game where players compete against each other, so relationships between players are important.


Candy Crush: The main goal is to complete level after level and achieve the highest score.

Online Poker: The intent is to win chips or virtual money (and in some cases, real money) from other players.

Luck versus. Skills:

Candy Crush: While there is a skill component when determining the best move, there is also an element of luck in the formation of the given candy.

Online Poker: Although there is a component of luck in the cards being dealt, skill and tactics play a large role in a player’s long-term success.

In summary, while both are games, “Candy Crush” is a casual puzzle game that focuses on light entertainment, and “Online Poker” is a game of strategy and skill often played for competition or betting.

Here are some of the advantages of each game:

Candy Crush:

Easy to Learn: The basic process of the game is quite simple, so players of all ages and skill levels can get started easily.

Visual Design: Colorful graphics and attractive animation effects can provide visual satisfaction to players.

Progressive: With multiple levels available, players always have new obstacles waiting to be overcome.

Social Integrative: Players can connect their accounts with social media platforms and compete with their friends.

Availability: Available on several platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

No Big Time Loyalty Required: Players can play for a while at their leisure without having to commit to long gaming sessions.

Online Poker:

Skills and Tactics: Poker allows players to develop and apply tactics, giving a sense of accomplishment when successful.

Social Connection: Through online poker games, players can connect with other people from all over the world.

The Power of Financial Gains: On some bases, players have the opportunity to win real money.

Types: There are several types of poker such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and others, which provide variations in how to play.

Obstacles: Facing different human players with their own tactics and playing styles always presents different obstacles.

Continuous Evaluation: Compared to some other games, poker has a deep learning curve and players can continue to improve their skills over time.

Both games have their own advantages and offer different experiences for players. The option to play one or both depends on individual preference and what one is looking for in a game.

bonuses given by the Candy Crush game

The game “Candy Crush Saga” and other games in the series provide various bonuses and power-ups to help players through more difficult levels. Here are some bonuses and power-ups that are usually found in “Candy Crush Saga”:

Lollipop Hammer: Allows players to smash any candy they specify on the board without matching them.

Free Switch: Allows players to switch two adjacent candies that cannot normally be matched.

Color Bomb: When activated, this candy will eliminate all candies of the same color on all boards.

Striped Candy: DEWAPOKER When matched, these striped candies will eliminate all rows or columns of candies, depending on their orientation.

Wrapped Candy: When matched, this candy pops in a small radius, eliminating surrounding candies.

Fish Candy: When matched, the fish candy will swim to its intended target and eliminate.

Jelly Fish: When activated, the fish will remove three candies on the board, generally those covered in jelly.

Combo: Combining two types of special candy (such as striped candy with wrapped candy) will produce a stronger special effect.

Daily Boosters Wheel: This feature allows players to spin the wheel every day to get prizes in the form of free power-ups.

Treat Calendar: As part of this feature, players who log in every day can receive certain prizes and bonuses.

In addition to these power-ups, “Candy Crush Saga” often offers obstacles and special events where players can win more boosters and other prizes. This is the game’s way of giving players motivation to keep playing and as a means of dealing with levels that might feel too difficult.

bonuses given by online poker games

In the world of online poker games, bonuses are special measures used by sites to attract new players and keep old players. Here are several types of bonuses and promos that are commonly found on online poker websites:

Welcome Bonus/First Deposit: Many poker websites offer bonuses to new players when they make their first deposit. This generally takes the form of a percentage of the initial deposit that is given as a bonus.

No Deposit Bonus: Some sites offer bonuses without the need for a deposit. This allows players to try the site without any negative financial impact.

Reload Bonus: Similar to the welcome bonus, but intended for existing players who deposit money back.

Loyalty or VIP Program: Players can collect points while playing, which can then be exchanged for prizes, competition entries, or cash bonuses.

Freerolls: These are free competitions that allow players to win real prizes. Players often gain access to freerolls as part of promotions or loyalty programs.

Recommendation Bonus: Some sites give bonuses to players who recommend friends or acquaintances to join and play on that website.

Cashback or Rakeback Bonus: Some sites offer a return on some of the “rake” (a fee taken by the site for each pot or tournament) that players pay.

Hurdles or Challenges: Some sites have daily, weekly, or monthly obstacles where players can win bonuses or other prizes if they meet certain requirements.

Special Competition Prizes: In addition to cash prizes, some competitions may offer special prizes such as travel packages to live poker competitions.

Random Promos: At certain times of the year, such as holidays, some sites may offer special promos or competitions with big prizes.

As a note, it is always important to read the bonus terms and conditions carefully. Many bonuses require players to fulfill certain conditions before the bonus can be taken or claimed. These requirements may include the amount of “rake” that needs to be paid, the number of hands that need to be played, or a certain time period within which the player must meet those requirements.

requirements for playing Candy Crush games

To play “Candy Crush Saga” and other titles in this series, here are some requirements and some important things to pay attention to:

Compatible Devices: “Candy Crush Saga” is available on several platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and on Facebook via a web browser. You need a device that supports one of these platforms to play.

Internet Network: Although much of the content in this game can be accessed without internet access, some features, such as competitions with friends or in-program purchases, require an online network.

Facebook Account (Optional): You can customize your progress via various tools and compete with your friends by connecting your games to your Facebook account.

Age: Although “Candy Crush Saga” is planned for all ages, there is an age limit for creating a Facebook account, and this may affect the social integration of the game. In addition, remember there is a purchase in the program, it is recommended that children under certain ages be supervised by adults when playing.

Storage: You need to have storage space on your device to install and run this game.

In-Program Purchases: While “Candy Crush Saga” can be downloaded and played for free, there is the option to purchase in-game points, such as additional lives or boosters. Please be careful with this purchase, especially if the device is accessible to several children.

Agreement: The first time you install and run this game, you may be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Regulations from the developer.

These are the basic requirements and guide to playing “Candy Crush Saga”. Make sure to always check the features and requirements of an authorized download source before installing to ensure compatibility and security.

requirements for playing online poker games

Playing poker online requires some special requirements and thinking. Here are many important things to pay attention to if you want to play poker online:

Minimum Age: Some online poker sites have an age limit, which is generally 18 or 21 years, depending on the jurisdiction and local laws.

Registration: You need to create an account on the online poker website you choose. This will involve filling in individual information and possibly clarifying identity.

Constant Internet Network: Playing online poker requires good internet access so that you don’t get disconnected in the middle of the game.

Suitable Device: You need a computer, cellphone or tablet that is compatible with the software or program of the poker website you choose.

Geographic Location: Some jurisdictions prohibit playing online poker for real money. You need to make sure that you are in a location where playing poker online is legal.

Payment System: If you want to play with real money, you must have a payment system that is accepted by the site, such as credit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers, etc.

Agreement and Terms and Conditions: You must agree to the site’s Terms and Conditions before playing. This will include details about how your money is managed, how the site handles manipulation, and so on.

Basic Poker Knowledge: While this is not an absolute requirement, having basic knowledge of how to play poker will enhance your experience.

Software Restrictions: Some sites have strict rules regarding the use of third party software, such as poker finders or odds calculators. Make sure you know what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Taxes: If you win a large amount of money, you may need to pay taxes on your winnings, depending on your country and jurisdiction.

Security Setup: It is highly recommended to use a strong and unique password for your poker account and consider two-factor authentication if offered.

Additionally, always make sure to play responsibly. Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, and don’t hesitate to seek help if you think you may have a gambling problem.