What Is Civil Engineering?

civil engineering is an engineering discipline that focuses on the design and construction of bridges, roads, buildings, dams and other types of man-made structures. Civil and structural engineering are interrelated disciplines. These fields are also related to plumbing and water engineering. When you want to build a given structure, you will have to hire a civil engineer to write you a bill of quantities for the type of structure you want. Once you have the bill of quantities, you can procure the necessary materials and hire the civil engineer to build the structure you want. If you choose a different building contractor, you can hire the civil engineer to supervise the entire building process to ensure everything is done up to code. The civil engineer can be your eyes on the ground. 

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Importance of Hiring a Civil Engineer

When building a structure, such as a high-rise office building, safety is a major concern. You want the structure to be structurally sound and safe. Since civil engineers are aware of building standards and industry best practices, the engineer you hire will help to ensure that everything is done right. If the contractor encounters any challenges in the design, the civil engineer can be consulted on site to offer a remedy. This will go a long way in ensuring the project is completed in a timely manner and to your satisfaction. 

Choosing a Civil Engineer

When looking for a civil engineer, there are numerous factors that you will need to take into consideration. For starters, you have to compile a list of the top civil engineers in your city. Simply search the internet and make a list of the top-rated engineers. From there, be sure to consider the following:

i) Registration and Accreditation
Engineering is a highly-regulated profession. Every engineer must be registered with the authorities before they start practicing. Therefore, the first thing to check is whether or not an engineer has been registered and licenced as well as the category of the registration. You can always expect quality services when you hire a registered and accredited civil engineering professional. 
ii) Experience
Service providers often get better with time as they handle more and more projects. Therefore, it is imperative you check the number of similar types of building projects previously handled by a civil engineer. The ideal contractor must have been in the industry for a long time and should have a large portfolio of similar projects they have previously done. Other factors of consideration are; cost, reputation, guarantees and quality of service offered in the past.